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What we do...different names, but it's all Remedial Massage



Remedial MASSAGE

Remedial massage is a form of massage that works to remedy or fix a problem in your body. This may be an acute injury that has just occurred, a long lasting chronic problem that is always there or problems that may come up from time to time like headaches or muscle aches. It also has a profound effect on stress! As stress often manifests in the body as tension, by releasing the tension, stress is reduced, endorphins increased, and a sense of relaxation and well being ensue.

"Remedial Massage has a profound effect on stress"

Remedial Massage is designed to elongate and balance muscle/soft tissue length which may assist in normalising and improving joint function. Massage also promotes the flow of blood and lymph, particularly to injured areas, thus reducing damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions that may result from injury.

Remedial massage is the most useful and safest form of treatment for conditions such as joint sprains, muscle strains, tight muscles, aching muscles, limited movement, headaches, jaw pain, back and neck pain (including disc injuries), shoulder injuries and many more.



Deep tissue massage is exactly as it sounds.  It is remedial massage that aims to affect more profound (deep) soft tissues. The main point of difference with deep tissue massage is the pressure and the speed.  Generally the techniques used are the sames as remedial massage but are of a stronger, deeper and slower focus.  The deeper the tissues you want to affect, then the slower the movement of massage.  It can have quite immediate and long lasting effects on pain and tension. The pressure is always applied within the comfort levels of the patient.

Deep tissue massage is used in combination with a remedial massage treatment when and where needed.




Sports Massage incorporates a specialised focus on sports injury prevention and treatment.

Generally it is used for sports people or people who exercise regularly. Pre and post game massage will be a little less firm, using faster and longer strokes.

When treating an injury the massage techniques will be the same as Remedial massage. 

It can help with injury prevention and reduce recovery time after exercise.

Sports massage is used in combination with a remedial massage treatment when and where needed.


Active Functional Release

Active functional release is a broad term, used to describe when the soft tissues together with the associated joints are taken through their range of movement, whilst various massage techniques are applied.

The human body is a dynamic mobile living machine with multiple moving parts. The muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia of the body have to accommodate many different lengths with a strong and unimpeded elasticity to absorb all forces comfortably, without them becoming excessively strained and hence inflamed.

When the body is massaged in the normal prone and supine positions, the soft tissue lengths acquired during treatment are limited by that position and even though there are improvements, this cannot be compared to the results attained, by moving the patient through range of movement that explores the end stage lengths of the soft tissues.

Active functional release massage is used in combination with a remedial massage treatment when and where needed.